Innotescus: verb, 1. We make known.

 Enabling better data, faster annotation, and deeper insights through innovative computer vision solutions.

Innotescus: verb, 1. We make known.

 Enabling better data, faster annotation, and deeper insights through innovative computer vision solutions.

Improve the accuracy of your training data.

We provide innovative solutions with critical features to help you work more efficiently with data centric problems so you can focus on model designs.

Faster Labeling

Eliminate repetitive labeling tasks, and turn raw data into labeled datasets, with faster and smarter annotation tools.

Increased Accuracy

Reduce error space around objects and generate consensus labels across multiple annotations on the same image for additional quality assurance.

Deeper Insights

Alleviate trial-and-error processes during model design by understanding data more thoroughly with exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Improved Data

Eliminate data distribution biases, increase diversity of data, and construct training datasets with sufficient complexity for a variety of applications.

Efficient Training

Get unbiased datasets, achieve high model performance through first training efforts, and reduce trial-and-error training time and costs.

Enhanced Performance

Generate value sooner by saving time and money through achieving robust model performance sooner.

The common Machine Learning workflow.

data collection icon art

1 | Collection

Access current datasets and collect new data points.

data cleaning icon art

2 | Cleaning

Import, aggregate, discard, and manage existing data.

data annotation icon

3 | Annotation

Structure datasets with labels, classes, and objects.

data visualization icon

4 | Visualization

Understand statistical distribution and data significance.

data enrichment icon

5 | Enrichment

Create new data points, enhance, and transform datasets.

data engineering icon

6 | Feature Engineering

Learn about feature correlations, redundancy, and efficiency.

data training icon

7 | Training & Validation

Train and validate model performance on labeled datasets.

data deployment icon

8 | Deployment

Deploy performing models for production.

data improvement icon

9 | Improvement

Boost performance through process iteration.

Developed with you in mind.

From enthusiasts to innovators, our user community provides resources, toolkits, and learning for every role within the artificial intelligence and machine learning space.



We support your passion for machine learning, gaining expert knowledge, and expanding your skill sets.



Our tools can increase your annotation speed, improve accuracy, and help you succeed faster.



We alleviate your data collection burdens, enabling you to focus on and create smarter algorithmic designs.



We are committed to helping you pioneer research and create lasting industrial impacts.



Our tools help you boost algorithmic performance and efficiently allocate project resources.



We help you focus on implementation, performance, minimizing risk, and maximizing revenue.

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