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We help Computer Vision teams annotate, analyze, and curate better datasets for better model outcomes

Innotescus Data Analytics

Innotescus is the data visualization and automated image+video annotation platform leading the computer vision revolution. We improve machine learning outcomes faster with better quality data.

dataset analytics and options

Early Data Visualization to
Understand Data Quality.

Catch insights from your data early, even as data is being prepared. Our intuitive visualization tools allow statistical analysis on data at every stage. Seek out data imbalances early and iterate annotation specs more often without disrupting the process.

image showing pixel-perfect image segmentation

Faster, Smarter, More
Accurate Annotation.

Tools that allow for time and cost savings, reducing the number of tedious tasks that need completed in order to annotate assets. Whether you are annotating an image or video, we have the tools necessary to create efficiencies and quality annotations.

annotation project management

Project Management
Made Easy.

Manage teams, timelines, and model development activities more effectively. Own end-to-end data annotation processes for better accuracy. Catch data imbalances, model biases, and performance shortfalls early to shorten development cycles.

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Happy Customers.

“The Innotescus Annotation tool saved me a lot of time on a major delivery. I was able to use their video annotation to generate over 50,000 annotations in a short period of time. The management tools are wonderful and helped me keep my small team of annotators on track. And, I understand, new features are on the way. Online examples and support had me up and running in one day. Kudos to Innotescus for this exciting new entry into the annotation ecosystem. “

– Dr. Amanda Sgroi, Director, Computer Vision and Autonomy at RE2 Robotics

“We assigned only one night to labeling data. If we didn’t have the Innotescus platform, we would not have been able to get the work done. Having the ability to leverage the Innotescus tools enabled us to focus on more critical aspects of the project.”

– Shasa Antao, MRSD Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University

“The Innotescus team was very responsive to our questions and requests. They have developed the product leveraging input from a variety of users, including those labeling the data as well as those using the data to ensure the best quality of data.”

– Shaun Lu, MRSD Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University

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