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Our mission at Innotescus is to enable our customers to deploy the most reliable, unbiased computer vision models faster by demystifying the preparation and analysis of the most challenging Machine Learning datasets.

Our Mission - Innotescus

Our Team. Our Story.

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a vision for better AI. With backgrounds primarily in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, the Innotescus team understands the importance of having full control over and insight into data used to train Machine Learning models. To help other researchers, scientists, and organizations who face challenges with data preparation, annotation, and analysis, our team built the powerful yet intuitive platform that we wish we’d had access to when we faced these same challenges.

Help us Build the Future

We’re looking for smart, talented, high-energy individuals who will share our vision and enthusiasm. 

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson
Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer


Shashank Deshpande
Co-founder & Lead ML Scientist

Robert Walsh

Rob Walsh
Co-founder & Senior Software Architect


George Hoesch
Software Engineer


Jason Moore
Dev Ops Engineer


Ben Cohen
Senior Product Manager


Curtis Griffin
Lead Quality Assurance & Customer Support


Rick Myers
Dev Ops Engineer


Timothy Tannert
Chief Executive Officer


Stephen Szakelyhidi
Marketing Manager


Kristen Rost
Marketing Associate


Russell Holbert
Technical Writer


Anne Bonaparte

Anne Bonaparte
Business Strategy, Advisor


Dr. Jeff Cohen
CEO, ChemImage

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Our international reach is rooted at the center of the ever-growing Pittsburgh tech-scene. Let’s discuss your vision of data annotation quality and efficiency, and let our customer support staff answer your platform-related questions.

7325 Penn Ave
Suite 100

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

image of Innotescus office space in Pittsburgh, PA

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