About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Innotescus is to accelerate the Machine Learning development process with efficiency, accuracy, and transparency through an integrated intuitive platform that enables cross-functional collaboration to create unbiased, undiscriminating, and reliable AI-powered models.

Our Mission - Innotescus

Our Story

Before creating Innotescus, our founders struggled to find the right tools to facilitate the data annotation and analytics they needed to support their development process at a biomedical imaging company.

Like countless teams burdened with the many steps in a data preparation, they were faced with a litany of tools, none of which met their needs entirely, and so the idea for Innotescus was born.

Our founders understood the need for not only high-end annotation tools and powerful analytics, but for a platform designed with collaboration and project management in mind. We are building this platform to allow development teams like us to focus less on the burdensome and tedious challenges of data preparation, and more on using Machine Learning to create thoughtful solutions to the world’s problems.

Our Product

Innotescus’ scalable platform provides fast and accurate annotation tools, meaningful analytics, and transparent collaboration and management features. Our user-centered design approach has produced features that satisfy every member of the ML development process – from computer vision engineers to project managers and annotators.

Our unique tech stack allows for particularly fast yet powerful tool sets that accommodate everything from basic image classification to highly accurate pixel-by-pixel segmentations. Our team’s past experiences creating image processing software have translated into project management and collaboration features that make the entire process more efficient and transparent.

Finally, with our advanced analytics, users will gain deeper insights into their data, and more easily generate training datasets that produce successful model deployments. From hobbyists to Fortune 500 companies, every practitioner of Computer Vision based Machine Learning can use Innotescus to embed quality and efficiency into their development process.

Our Team

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a vision for better AI. With backgrounds primarily in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, the Innotescus team understands the importance of having full control over and insight into data used to train Machine Learning models. To help other researchers, scientists, and organizations who face challenges with data preparation, annotation, and analysis, our team built the powerful yet intuitive platform that we wish we’d had access to when we faced these same challenges.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson
Founder/General Manager


Shashank Deshpande
Senior AI/ML Scientist

Robert Walsh

Rob Walsh
Senior Software Architect

Anne Bonaparte

Anne Bonaparte
Business Strategy, Advisor

Vineet Jain

Vineet Jain
Business Development