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Store Shelf Annotated

Smart Retail Company Realizes a 650% ROI Using Innotescus

Read how Bossa Nova experienced a 650% ROI using our Review, Analytics, and Custom Metadata Features to deftly navigate the emerging smart retail space, annotating thousands of products to power customer-facing automation.

RE Squared

RE2 Robotics Increases ML Model Accuracy from 50% to 90% with Innotescus

Get a glimpse at how industry leading Automated Video Annotation (AVA™) from Innotescus helped another Pittsburgh-based company bring quality ML to production.

MLOps icons

MLOps+Innotescus: How to Find AI Success Where 80% of Businesses Fail

While MLOps is supposed to improve AI applications, only 20% of businesses succeed in incorporating it into their pipelines. Innotescus’ enhanced features for Data Ingestion, Data Analysis & Curation, Data Labeling, and Data Validation solve these key challenges for businesses.

Annotation Screen

Digital Literacy and Digital Labor: Exploring the Relationship Between Data-Centric AI and Human-Centric Work

Digital labor is transforming the way we work. As of last year, the online workforce contained over 19 million active users. This year, digital labor platforms are expected to generate $52 billion globally.

data cleaning process

How to Resolve 5 Common Machine Learning Data Cleaning Problems

The most critical step towards understanding why an Machine Learning model performed so well (or not so well), is brought to light in the data cleaning process.

Security in the cloud

Security+Innotescus: Keeping your Data Safe in the Cloud

The convenience and accessibility of “the cloud,” however, brings with it a new set of concerns, like security; once it leaves their devices, how can consumers know that their data is protected from unwelcome eyes?

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