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Innotescus has compiled a list of public datasets your team can utilize on your next machine learning project.

  • General-Purpose Image Datasets
  • COCO: (Common Objects in Context) is a large-scale dataset object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset.
  • ImageNet: A collaboration between Stanford and Princeton; this dataset spans 1000 object classes and contains 1,281,167 training images, 50,000 validation images and 100,000 test images.
  • Google’s Open Images: There are enough images to train a deep neural network from scratch and the images are listed as having a Creative Commons Attribution license*.
  • Data Europa: The official portal for European data. This dataset contains data related to economics, agriculture, education, employment, climate, finance, science, and more.
  • Video Datasets
  • YouTube 8-M: Human-verified labels on approximately 237K segments with 1000 classes are collected from the validation set of the YouTube-8M dataset.
  • Kinetics-700: A high-quality dataset of video URLs. Each clip is human annotated with a single action class and lasts around 10 seconds.
  • Autonomous Driving Datasets
  • Waymo: A great source of data for a wide range of tasks in autonomous driving.
  • nuScenes: Large-scale public dataset for autonomous driving developed by the team at Motional (formerly nuTonomy).
  • Lyft Level 5: Level 5 is collecting and processing data from our autonomous fleet and sharing it with you.
  • Berkley Deep Drive: Over 100k videos of driving experiences, each running 40 seconds at 30 frames per second.
  • Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Datasets
  • SenseFly: A collection of aerial videos that can be used to train a variety of unmanned autonomous vehicles.
  • Stanford Drone Dataset: The dataset includes images and videos of various types of agents (not just pedestrians, but also bicyclists, skateboarders, cars, buses, and golf carts) that navigate in a real-world outdoor environment such as a university campus.
  • Medical Datasets
  • OpenfMRI: Dedicated to the free and open sharing of raw magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) datasets. 
  • Centar Labs: Explore datasets by size, category, modality (including X-ray, Ultrasound, Whole Slide Images, CT Scans, ECGs), and more.
  • Dataset Collections

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