Innotescus is striving for the advancement of Machine Learning and Computer Vision by developing the best software for curating robust datasets. Out of hundreds of nominees, Innotescus was selected based on the quality of their solutions, leadership in their category, and organizational strength.

Chris Anderson, CTO of Innotescus says “By working closely with our users, we’re able to continually release features and benefits that make their work more impactful to the models they’re developing. I’m especially proud of our dev team for pushing high quality, customer-focused features at a weekly pace.”

Cutting-edge Computer Vision ranks among other innovative SaaS solutions

The Innotescus team would like to thank The Software Report for the nomination and congratulate the 24 data software companies who were also selected. We’re honored to be included among Qlik and DataStax, and the two dozen other groups who are bringing the SaaS world into the future. Companies were selected for exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management, and societal impact. 

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