Updated Features: July 2021

Welcome to Innotescus’ first monthly installment of product updates! We will use these and feature spotlights to showcase the added value of our new and noteworthy features. When we say we make known, we aren’t just talking about data—we’re also talking about changes to the platform that enhance every part of your workflow.

This update focuses on enriching your annotation history and making stand-out video features even better.

Know Where You’ve Been

Hindsight is 20/20. That’s why the recent round of updates includes improved ways to see your team’s work history. Updates to the image viewer show the full history of an annotation set⁠. Now you can see who first submitted annotations as well as all the edits in between then and now. This is the first of many planned updates to annotation history—keep checking for new and improved features!

Need help making the most of inspection and editing capabilities?  Watch our new tutorial covering how you can do it from the media viewer.

annotation history in the canvas

Industry-Changing Video Annotation, Even Better

Innotescus is setting the bar high with incredibly efficient video annotation. But that still isn’t enough. We’re committed to continuously improving our proprietary features. That’s why in the last month, we’ve enriched our video annotation experience with new supervision features and media management tools.

Audio has the potential to provide key context to the annotator when working with native video. But users should have full control over its role in their workflow. That’s why we’ve introduced volume control into AVA™, our Automated Video Annotator.

volume control in the canvas

We’re always making smaller changes here and there to improve users’ experience on innotescus. Now, supervisors can easily zoom and pan over images and videos in the media viewer. This feature, plus UI/UX enhancements to the video classification, dataset and task creation processes, makes your work more convenient than ever.

Here at Innotescus, we’re driven to make frequent improvements to our platform. Part of that drive comes from the satisfaction of responding to our users’ needs with features that go above and beyond to help them produce excellent work. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the platform, please contact support@innotescus.io

Users can read our full log of Release Notes here.

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