The market for Computer Vision applications is exploding

As machine learning becomes more affordable, it is rapidly changing the landscape of every industry.

By recreating humankind’s ability to see, a nearly endless array of Computer Vision applications is rapidly coming into focus. The revolution is underway, but it’s only just begun.

Innotescus is leading that revolution

Through our data-centric and team-driven approach, we are improving the accuracy and usability of computer vision. Our innovative platform creates high quality ML solutions to solve problems once considered unsolvable.

Innotescus was founded in 2019 and is the data visualization and image+video annotation platform taking the data-centric AI movement by storm. By demystifying the work of the most challenging Machine Learning datasets, we enable our customers to deploy the most reliable, unbiased models faster than ever.

Shashank, Chris, and Rob saw a widespread need for a powerful computer vision tool while working together at ChemImage Corporation, leveraging machine learning with dense hyperspectral imaging datasets to identify chemical signatures. In order to accurately detect concealed explosives, drugs, and different biological structures, the team was routinely required to build high-quality, application-specific training datasets. Building these training datasets was time-intensive—no available off-the-shelf tools could deliver what they needed. After a few years of successfully building high-quality datasets, the team recognized the widespread need for the tools they’d built themselves, and founded Innotescus.

Innotescus is the data visualization and image+video annotation platform taking the data-centric AI movement by storm. This powerful-yet-intuitive tool solves the problems of data preparation, annotation, and analysis. The platform gives users full control over their work; our cumulative 35 years of experience in the Machine Learning and Computer Vision industries emphasizes how valuable actionable data insights are.

We are scientists, engineers, and innovators with a vision for better AI with backgrounds primarily in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. We help our users deploy the most reliable, unbiased models faster than ever, all while they maintain full control over their work. We lead by demystifying the preparation and analysis of the most challenging Machine Learning datasets. We understand and appreciate the importance of having detailed insights into data, and using those insights to create objectively high-quality data for high-impact Machine Learning models.

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We’re looking for smart, talented, high-energy individuals who will share our vision and enthusiasm. 

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