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Innotescus is the data visualization and image+video annotation platform taking the data-centric AI movement by storm. By demystifying the work of building and curating high quality datasets, we enable our customers to deploy the most reliable, unbiased models faster than ever.

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User-centered design has produced features that satisfy every member of the ML development process – from Computer Vision engineers to project managers and annotators.

Assisted Image Annotation

Assisted Image Annotation

Annotate with speed and accuracy, regardless of the task, with an intuitive interface and powerful assisted annotation tools that maximize productivity.

Automated Video Annotation

Automated Video Annotation

Innotescus’ Assisted Video Annotator (AVA™) automates object tracking and empowers annotators to create more quality annotations with less manual work.

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Dataset Visualization

Illuminate the black box of machine learning with comprehensive analytics. Uncover biases to determine where datasets need to be augmented for improved model performance.

Annotation Operation

Annotation Operations

Enhance your work at every level of your process with integrated MLOps features and comprehensive project management tools.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Integrate QA tools into every stage of the ML process to ensure high quality data for a high quality model.

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Innotescus has joined the NVIDIA AI Accelerated program announced at GTC22 to ensure the performance and reliability of our AI applications that leverage the NVIDIA AI platform. Learn more.

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What kind of annotation does Innotescus provide?

The Innotescus Annotation Platform can accommodate classification, object detection, instance segmentation, and semantic segmentation annotations on images.  Our video annotation combines pixel-perfect semantic segmentation with AI-assisted annotation tools that require fewer frames to be manually annotated.

What are the system requirements to use Innotescus?

Innotescus is a browser-based tool, so the requirements are minimal. Our platform has been tested on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, operating on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. 

How safe is my data?

At Innotescus we know your data is your competitive advantage, so its security is our highest priority. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and aside from the default layer of encryption in our storage services, each customer’s data is encrypted with a unique key, so only you can access and decrypt your data.

Does Innotescus provide third party annotators?

Anyone utilizing a workforce partner will find it easy to scale with innotescus. Our platform offers additional workforce services like customized permissions for third party annotators, a distinct annotator interface, project member analytics and more. All offered with competitive pricing through our vetted premiere partnerships. For Innotescus workforce pricing, please contact

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