Optimize your Workflow

project management tools for annotation

Enhance your work at every level of your process with integrated MLOps features and comprehensive project management tools.


Innotescus API

API & Webhooks

Automate your pipeline using the Innotescus API and configurable webhooks.

cloud integrations

Native Cloud Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Innotescus into your operations with a host of native cloud integrations.

annotation history

Annotation History

Trace errors to the source using complete histories available for each piece of data.

Project Management

Access Controls

Access Controls

Limit your data’s exposure with per-project membership and per-member permissioning.

Annotation Page Analytics

Project Analytics

Pinpoint where your workflow lags with both team and individual productivity metrics.

Collaborate Effectively

Collaboration Tools

Support your team with per-task instructions, in-canvas comments, and bidirectional communication, all from within the Innotescus platform.

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