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Annotate with speed and accuracy, regardless of the task, with an intuitive interface and powerful assisted annotation tools that maximize productivity.

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Classify images and video segments according to their contents.

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Object Detection

Tag and localize all objects within an image or video.

image showing pixel-perfect image segmentation

Instance & Semantic Segmentation

Accurately create pixel-perfect masks for each object within an image or video.

Intelligent Tools for Improved Annotation

Take your annotations to the next level. Assisted annotation tools improve the speed and accuracy of your annotators.

image showing assisted annotation tool

Assisted Annotation Tool

Draw a bounding box or loose boundaries and let Innotescus do the rest.

image showing floodfill tool

Flood Fill Tool

Intuitively annotate objects with a simple click-and-drag motion that responds like a desktop drawing package.

superpixel tool for assisted annotation

Superpixel Tool

Don’t work more than you have to; divide each image into ‘smart’ regions you can quickly group into your mask.

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