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Innotescus®, a Pittsburgh-based Spinoff, Launches Beta Version of New Image and Video Annotation Platform

Innotescus’ sophisticated platform delivers high-performance annotation and collaboration tools, for images and videos, that can significantly improve speed, accuracy, and data quality.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, February 24, 2020 — Today, Innotescus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ChemImage, announced the launch of the beta version of its image and video annotation platform. Innotescus streamlines the Computer Vision and Machine Learning development process through seamless data handling, smart annotation tools, and intuitive collaboration features. The platform’s data visualization and cross-functional quality features identify data bias early, improve data accuracy, and enable faster, more cost-efficient deployment of high-performance computer vision models.

The mission at Innotescus is to enable customers to deploy the most reliable, unbiased Computer Vision models faster by demystifying the preparation and analysis of the most challenging Machine Learning datasets. The idea for Innotescus and the drive behind this mission began when software team members at Pittsburgh-based ChemImage, a leader in molecular chemical imaging for life sciences and threat detection applications, were challenged to find the right tool to accomplish their annotation tasks. Commercially-available tools didn’t do everything they needed, so they built their own. When they realized that this tool could benefit so many other applications, they built a comprehensive platform that would change the way teams deploy models. And Innotescus was created as a spinoff of ChemImage.

Currently, the Innotescus platform is available to beta users and will include complimentary analysis of your data and annotations.

For more information about Innotescus or to sign up for the beta program, visit

About Innotescus

Our mission at Innotescus is to enable our customers to deploy the most reliable, unbiased computer vision models faster by demystifying the preparation and analysis of the most challenging Machine Learning datasets. We are a group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a vision for better AI. With backgrounds primarily in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, the Innotescus team understands the importance of having full control over and insight into data used to train Machine Learning models. To help other researchers, scientists, and organizations who face challenges with data preparation, annotation, and analysis, our team built the powerful yet intuitive platform that we wish we’d had access to when we faced these same challenges. For more information, visit
Innotescus is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

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