It’s hard to live in today’s world and not be bombarded by mentions of “the cloud.” From the way we stream music and find directions on a road trip to the way we pay friends for dinner and consult our doctors, it seems there is no corner of our lives that isn’t touched by a mass migration to the cloud. But what exactly is the cloud?

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Data must be exchanged between where it’s created—clients—and where it’s stored—servers—which are often hundreds of miles apart. As the sensitivity of the data increases, so too does its appeal to bad actors, and you don’t have to look hard to see evidence of successful hacks. How can consumers know that their data is protected from unwelcome eyes? Are there solutions that let us utilize the scalability and convenience of the cloud without sacrificing control over our own data?

At Innotescus, we believe the answer is a firm yes. Read why.

Keeping Your Data Safe

At Innotescus, we know that your data is your competitive advantage. Having worked on novel ML applications in the life sciences and defense industries, we went to great lengths to ensure your data will be protected at every stage of your process.

“Your data is your data; that was the earliest design principle we adopted. We have a lot of respect for data privacy and have taken tremendous steps to prevent unauthorized access at every opportunity.” 

– Chris Anderson Co-founder & CTO, Innotescus

Putting You in Control

The convenience of cloud-based platforms also means it’s easy to scale teams spread across the world. ML development and annotation teams can all exist within the same company, or parts of the project can be outsourced; ML teams can focus on one project at a time or tackle multiple projects simultaneously, but throughout all of these scenarios, maintaining control over data access is paramount. Innotescus provides the flexibility that allows supervisors to manage all kinds of scenarios without exposing their data to unnecessary risks.

Discover the myriad features that give Innotescus the security you need

Data security is the key to unlocking all the benefits of cloud-based applications. With the knowledge of our security practices and the peace of mind that comes with it, you can easily scale projects and coordinate global teams on a cutting-edge platform, without risking the exploits that end up in the news.