This round of updates includes some small-but-mighty improvements that our team thinks is essential for any annotation platform. Now, Innotescus offers easier collaboration, improved annotation, and updated UI. Read more about each of these categories, or, start your free trial to discover them yourself.

What’s inside this article:

Easier Collaboration

Quickly add and remove members from your organization, and manage their project access with similar ease. Are you new to project and organization levels? This tutorial video will help you get up to speed. Then use that fresh expertise to make full use of newly-added submission information, now available in the image viewer’s history panel.

Improved Annotation Workflows

Here at Innotescus, we don’t overlook the power of effective pre-annotation. That’s why this round of updates includes improvements to pre-annotation for videos. On top of that, the new Annotator Interface helps streamline your work, visible to Supervisors as the My Work page. And, as always, there’s a tutorial to help you fully utilize this new feature.

Updated UI

We can’t stop obsessing over our AVA™ (Automated Video Annotator), so we wanted to give you more reasons to bring your video to us. Check out the updated designs for the video viewer. Also take a look at the improved date and time displays on activity analytics charts.

video annotation tracker

Here at Innotescus, we’re driven to make frequent improvements to our platform. Part of that drive comes from the satisfaction of responding to our users’ needs with features that go above and beyond to help them produce excellent work. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the platform, please contact

Users can read our full log of Release Notes here.

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