This past month, we released some of the most exciting tools for Innotescus yet, as well as some other features that only sweeten the deal. Read how new Metadata capabilities and Dive Analytics bring our data visualization solution to the next level.

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Users now have access to our long-anticipated metadata functionality. By using metadata—basically, data about data—annotators can embed more detailed information into their work.


Now annotators can annotate along more than just two dimensions. By enabling, configuring, and populating their custom metadata fields, annotators can tag their data and add any number of new dimensions to their data during annotation.

An added bonus: Supervisors can copy metadata definitions from one task to another as well as make metadata fields required for annotators.

Check out our metadata tutorials to learn more.

Dive Analytics

But how can you best put your metadata to use? Fortunately, we’re giving you an analytics tool that can handle the many dimensions of information you’re working with. By using Dive Analytics, users have full control over how they visualize their results. Dive allows users to customize their view of a task using any available metric or any custom metadata that has been entered for the selected class.

After selecting up to five different metrics, including custom metadata, users can track, compare, and contrast how any annotation class stacks up. This point-by-point view of your dataset will help you gain unprecedented clarity into your dataset. Quickly identify underlying relationships, redundant data points and more.

dive analytics
Dive Analytics in Action

Other Features to Look For

In addition to our two new major features, there is also a range of new enhanced export, annotation, and supervision functionalities.


Here at Innotescus, we’re driven to make frequent improvements to our platform. Part of that drive comes from the satisfaction of responding to our users’ needs with features that go above and beyond to help them produce excellent work. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the platform, please contact

Users can read our full log of Release Notes here.

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