June is busting out all over, but don’t worry! We’re still running a tight ship here at Innotescus. Read up on all of the new enhancements we’re bringing to the platform:

Double- and Triple-Checks

We added a whole new way to review objects within a task with Object Review. Using Object Review, examine objects in a given task across many different images. Quickly review large amounts of work and ensure your data is high-quality. View the tutorial video here!

Object Review
With Object Review, select and review multiple images.

Users also have the ability to filter work from the ‘My Work’ page; use the two fields at the top of the ‘My Work’ page to filter available work by name and work type.

Filter by name or type
Easily filter by name or type from the "My Work" page.

Imports, Exports, and Integrations…

…oh my! Innotescus is constantly increasing how users can import and export their data. We want users to access their data however they need to.
Innotescus now supports two new cloud integrations! Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are now available for both imports and direct exports
Also check out:


Increased Automation

In a perfect world, you get better data with less work. Read our last blog to learn more about the what and why of augmentation. But in the meantime, check out these new features:

  • We added an auto-interpolation option for object detection annotations on video to make manual object tracking easier than ever.
  • Augmentation! Augment images and associated annotations to enlarge and enrich your dataset

Super Admins

It’s always important to know who’s the boss. That’s why we renamed our top two member roles to ‘Admin’ and ‘Super Admin’ (previously ‘Admin’ and account owner, respectively.)

Admins have all the privileges of supervisors, but will see an ‘Organization’ tab in their Admin page, where they can invite and remove members and edit permissions within the organization. Admins only have access to the projects to which they’ve been invited.

The Super Admin is the owner of the organization, and has access to everything in the organization, including a ‘billing’ tab in the Admin page, where they can access and manage all payment information for the account.

We also added activity metrics at the organization, not just project, level. Admins can view member activity within their organization, including options to filter by activity type, date, and specific member.

Filter Activity Metrics by Type
Filter activity metrics by type, date, and member at the organization level.

And as always, we built in plenty of quality-of-life improvements, including:


Here at Innotescus, we’re driven to make frequent improvements to our platform. Part of that drive comes from your satisfaction. We respond to our users’ needs with features that go above and beyond to help them produce excellent work. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the platform, please contact support@innotescus.io

Users can read our full log of Release Notes here.

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