We are Innotescus, and we make known.

Finding the right name for our business was an iterative process and one that we didn’t take lightly. Our mission is to enable researchers and engineers to have a better understanding and success with their data while minimizing the effort required of annotators. The name had to encompass our mission.


There were brainstorming sessions, votes, polls, and a lot of research. Innotescus was always on the list. So, we started using it as we spoke about our initiative internally. We used it in meetings, and we used it when discussing features and functionality and the value our solution would bring to the machine learning community. It all started to come together, and suddenly it was real and started taking on a voice and personality of its own.

image and video annotation


Derived from the Latin, Innotescus translates to “We make known.” and embodies our mission to help minimize the challenges many enterprises face with the data used in AI/ML solutions. Our platform will help reduce the data burden that Computer Vision and Machine Learning professionals face.

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